Jackie W. 2/22/2019

Had a tattoo by Adam yesterday, didn’t finish all the color I originally thought I would but I love the piece. Thanks Adam!! 

Stacy G. 1/5/2019

I sent a yelp email to this shop as a last minute alternative to a tattoo appointment that was incorrectly scheduled by another shop. They answered right away and I was able to make a same day appointment with Adam for my daughter's birthday. He listened to her, asked some great questions and the finished product left us both amazed!  What a terrific experience, from beginning to end. Thank you, Adam!  She loves your work!

Candace C. 12/17/2018

I really love my tattoo that I got at Rabble Rouser. It was incredibly easy to get an appointment the same day. The shop was very clean. I showed Adam the font I wanted for my tattoo and he took the time to design it to say exactly what I asked for. He was friendly and made me feel comfortable. This is the first big tattoo that I've ever gotten, and I already want to back for another one.  He did a great job.

Erin M.   5/25/2018  

I've been looking for a new artist for the past year plus and I sat in the lobby for about 45 min (my choice) looking at everyone's work and I fell in love with the artistry of everyone. The location is clean. And everyone is friendly and down to go over ideas and have fun with the projects. I found Adam Parrots work to be the best fit for what I want and even future work I may want. Love this shop over all.

Samantha L.   5/23/2018

Went in spontaneously knowing what tattoo I wanted to get, they immediately greeted me and took in my ideas and explanation for my tattoo. This was also my first tattoo and Adam Parrot was very professional, nice and friendly. He gave me the best first tattoo ever!

Marcia R.   4/29/2018

I love my new tattoo Adam did an amazing job I highly recommend him. Can't wait to get another tattoo at this shop.

Lane K.    3/18/2018

I'm in progress on an epic sleeve right now and Adam Parrot is f**kin brilliant. The shop is super nice inside and everyone is super friendly. I come up from OC every couple weeks to keep getting work done because their level of quality is so high

Gary H.   1/8/2018

I had the best work done here ever. Hands down best. Adam was excellent.

Linday A.   11/25/2017

Adam Parrot was incredibly helpful and kind. He designed and tattooed  a beautiful and adorable image of my cat surrounded by flowers. Ironically I used to live right down the street from this place but even after moving to Northern California I found this place and wanted to have my first tattoo done here. All of the artists are very kind and talented in their different styles and I will recommend this place to anyone in the future.

Lesley B.   10/18/2017

My daughter and I walked in (no appointment)  after reading their rave reviews. Immediately we were greeted by the staff. The shop was spotless. It was my first tattoo and I was nervous. I shared my vision with Adam Parrot and he went to work. Adam was incredibly patient, friendly and kind. The results were mind blowing. I am thrilled with my first tattoo and am already thinking about #2.

Kevin J.   9/25/2017

Clean shop in a good location not far from Venice beach - pricing is normal and definitely worth it for the end result
Shoutout to my tattoo artist Adam Parrot who did an amazing art piece and showed me that the needles he used are brand new
They explain the aftercare info at the end and give you an aftercare package
I rate the shop 10/10 in general !!

Adreanna G.   9/19/2017

I came here to get a tattoo for my birthday and I'm beyond happy I did my research and found this place! Right when you wk in you're greeted and welcomed and the place looks great, cleaned, and professional. I got my tattoo by Adam and he was great! Very patient with me as it was my first time ever getting a tattoo, he helped calm my nerves and talked me through it. He's amazing at what he does and did exactly what I wanted and listened to me when I was telling him what I had in mind for my tattoo. Definitely we'll be back here when I have that itch for another tattoo! A great experience overall and I walked out extremely satisfied with my plumeria flower!!

Stephanie M.   7/27/2017

i've had my share of small tattoos to medium size, detailed tattoos (mainly black and grey, american traditional style) from multiple shops. some places i've taken the time to research, and some i've just walked in on a whim. 

backstory:  i quit my job recently to move to New Zealand. while celebrating over drinks, my supervisor tells me he'll get me a tattoo that we both can agree on. i'm in, of course. after 3 choices and opinions weighed in, he collected ratings from 20 of my coworkers and friends and settled on a tattoo rating me 4.6 stars (average from a collective) out of 5 stars. lol. 

forward to 2 weeks later:  we finally follow through on this dare (note: i did not get this tattoo drunk). i currently live on the east side of los angeles, and i had to find a tattoo shop around culver city near my now former supervisor's work. i came across Rabble Rouser Tattoo and what struck me was their organized, comprehensive website explaining the different styles of tattoos you can get (small, american traditional, black and grey, new school, etc.) and provided photo examples. i was impressed with their overall quality across their artists. one of my former artists went on to to be quite popular and hard to schedule, so seeing that their collective body of work was up to snuff as he made me all the more confident to walk in with a random artist. 

the shop keeper greeted me and texted Adam Parrot, who responded immediately and came in last minute to take me as a walk in. he did the expected showing me the design, and was thorough in describing his process to achieve the look (note, this was on the spot no prior prep). we tried it on a spot i liked, made and adjustment, and got me comfortably situated on the massage table. he showed me that the needles he was using were brand new. during the tattooing, he make sure i was doing all right and checked in with me. he let me know where he was in the process while making genuine conversation. 

he had a sense that i knew how to care for my tattoo, but still went over the details and gave me a little aftercare pack. that really impressed me and made me feel cared for. 

i got a small tattoo and little interaction with Adam, but it was enough to see how detail oriented he is and how much he cares about his practice. if i weren't moving to new zealand, i would love to get a black and grey pin up or gypsy head from him. maybe someday if i come back. i jokingly wanted to rate him 4.6 stars in return, but he and the shop totally deserve 5 stars!

thanks again, Adam!

Hannah G.   7/3/2017

This was my first time getting a tattoo, and I was definitely a bit nervous, but my experience could not have been better.  I gave Adam Parrot a loose design, and he came up with exactly what I wanted.  The shop is clean and fun, and all the artists make sure to open up the needles and equipment in front of you so you know it's new.  Adam was very kind and funny and kept me comfortable throughout the whole process.  And my tattoo is beautiful!  Not a huge design, but exactly what I was looking for.  Thank you so much!

Douglas C.   7/1/2017

I have been looking for someone in LA to finish my sleeve who does great color work with crisp lines, and I found it with Adam. I gave him some pictures and the idea behind my piece and he came up with a sick design and killed it. It's day three after and it has healed up awesomely, no scabbing at all.

Andrej D.   5/14/2017

Nice atmosphere. Adam is great and easy-going guy, working very precisely. Thanks!

Joel W.  4/23/2017

Walked in here yesterday and got a tattoo added to my half sleeve. They were able to hook me up even though I didn't have an appointment.  Adam Parrott is the artist that did my tattoo, and he did a great job. He was able to work with what I already have on my arm and add in the piece I wanted. He was quick and detailed. Love my new piece! Thanks Adam!

Martha W. 4/21/2017

I had some work done by Adam in September and every time I look in the mirror I love it even more. I traveled to La from the Midwest but Adam communicated excellent via email and had drawn up the tattoo of my dreams before I came in. The shop was clean and the entire staff was friendly. Thank you Rabble Rouser!!

Kathy M.  4/9/2017

Bought my bf a tattoo as a gift. Had an amazing experience and the tattoo is gorgeous!! The shop
is very nice and clean. Love the decor! Adam Parrot was very professional, offered artistic advice and the end result was amazing. Will def be back!

Jessica D.  2/26/2017

Where do I begin? It was an amazing experience for both my husband and I! Walking into any tattoo parlor can be intimidating but upon opening the door you feel right at home. The decor is fitting, it was CLEAN and they had the most amazing playlist going. 
I had called earlier in the week and was directed by Rick to send an email giving details and they would contact me with an artist or if I had someone in mind to check their availability. Within 24 hours I had a call and an appointment....
Adam met us up front and went over our tattoo ideas, he made suggestions to get the most bang for our buck and advised us on tattoo snafu's to avoid. We made a few changes and he met each request, even one I made a the literal last second, I thought he would be annoyed but he wasn't. It made me feel so comfortable to ask for what I wanted. His station was clean and simple and he opened the needles in front of us to show they were clean and safe. His work was quick and precise and he is just a nice guy who is clearly talented. I would absolutely recommend them for first tattoos or for someone who has 50, you won't be disappointed. Thanks guys! We will be back for more!

Sharon Y.  1/16/2017

I came to Rabble Rouser as a walk in after seeing the beautiful and colorful work on Yelp! The studio itself is gorgeous with a lovely steam punk/Victorian vibe to it. One of the best decorated tattoo places I've been to. Adam was my artist and he was accommodating, knowledgable, and has fantastic work. He made sure I loved my design and also put his own creativity into it! He also was (surprisingly) the only artist out of the three I've been to that actually showed me that the needles and equipment he was using was brand new, packaged, and sterilized. They truly care about the safety of their customers here! I loved my tattoo.


I've been back and forth between a number of ideas since I turned 18, and was very excited to have finally decided on a tattoo. I checked out a number of places to go and landed on Rabble Rouser.   I had a fantastic first-tattoo experience, couldn't have pictured it any better than it came out.  Adam Parrot is a wizard.

I've followed Adam (Parrot) to Rabble Rouser from previous parlours in LA.  The joint is cleverly designed with fans placed throughout the shop to keep the cool pacific breeze moving in/out.  The shop's brilliant artists  are more than capable of creating various tattoo styles per client.  They do take walk-ins but I recommend scheduling in advance if you have an elaborate idea.  Best wishes to Alayna, Paul, Adam, Steve and Jim!  This shop rocks!

When I first walked in the shop. I was greeted so kindly by Alana Magnan. She told me what I needed to do so I can get my tattoo process going. Which is make an appointment first and told me which artist would be best for my tattoo. I got my very first tattoo by Adam parrot. He was so nice and very patient with me. When I saw the end result of my tattoo I loved it even more. He did an amazing job. I can not wait to go back for another one.

got my first Tattoo for my birthday (sorry mom) and I am satisfied! It's a bible verse. The place is clean and I like how the place is maintained and decorated. And as hobbyist in photography, I like how the light and colors lined up on the background. It feels like, I wanted to do a photoshoot here LOL!

Adam is awesome! he talks you through on the process (since it's my first time) and since my tattoo is a script, he made sure we look into different font styles and he will tell you if the font you chose will be hard to do or not suitable for you (which is awesome!). and the girl on the shop is cute (forgot to ask her name :(). I will be back to get my second and my third and so on :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE my new tattoo. Alayna inked me before and while she couldnt see me today she put me in adams excellent hands... This guys lines are sick. Such a perfectionist! Im beyond happy and he was able to add to the other tattoo i had to fix it and make it pop! Would highly recommend this place.

I had a piece done in memory of my mom passing done here with Adam. He took a couple of reference images and drew an amazing stencil perfect to my requests. That tattoo was quick with beautiful line work and pricing was more than fair for such a gorgeous shop and great vibes. Thanks Adam and thank you Rabble Rouser!

Rabble Rouser is my new tattoo spot!   I've gotten a tattoo from Alayna and Adam so far and intend to work with Paul next.  This is a talented group of young artists that you can't go wrong with.  As someone with a large amount of tattoos that's seen the inside of a lot of shops, I really appreciate the cleanliness and organization of the shop is well.  They have my top recommendations and soon enough they'll have another appointment on the books for me as well!

I have a few friends get work done from Adam Parrot and I knew he was the artist for me.  He designed a sick dragon for me.  It looks amazing!  The lines are tight and the colors are exactly what I wanted.  I'll be back for more ink.

IMO, there are two types of tattoo artists in the business: those who are happy to etch into your skin whatever you want them to, and those who operate their business with a sense of style, integrity, and professionalism.  Adam Parrot, operating out of Rabble Rouser, is the latter.  Although I had some minor tattoos that were a decade old, it had been a very long time for me since I was last inked.  I came into see him when I was looking for someone who could help me create the sleeves I have always dreamed of having--my research told me that he was the guy to see.  He did not disappoint.  

Within 15 minutes of first consulting with Adam, I knew that I could trust him to be 100% honest with me and that he truly cared about achieving the right outcome for me.  If he didn't think a particular idea I had would translate into a good-looking and sustainable tattoo, he flat out told me so. But, because Adam is ALSO all about making the customer happy, he was right there to offer alternatives which were viable/sustainable, and that he would feel comfortable attaching his name to.  He never once compromised his integrity--but he has, time and time again, gone out of his way to accommodate my wishes.  

In dealing with Adam over the past few months (sleeves take time!), I have seen how artistic, creative, and passionate he is about his work. He simply will not etch something into my body unless he is sure it will look good on me.  Period. His sense of pride in his design and execution is well-merited and richly deserved.  Adam has never inked me without making 100% sure I was on board with his design/concept/vision, and he checks in with me throughout the process to make sure I am with him every step of the way. And I always am.

Adam is an artist.  I interrupt him while he is doing his job often to tell him so.  He designs his tattoos both on and off your body until he is satisfied that he can execute something that will properly showcase his considerable skills and make you both happy AND look good.

I have never gone out with a short sleeve shirt on where someone has not complimented me on my Adam ink.  Never.  How fantastic is THAT?  My tats are just that beautifully executed. How often does that happen?  It's all because of Mr. Adam Parrot.  Book with him today.

I had the pleasure of having Adam Parrot work on some amazing pieces. I tossed him a weird concept and he was so into it. Most artist get turned off if they're challenged with a task that's not the style or median in which they work. Adam turned this little idea into an amazing story!

Sometimes, an artist will suggest something which may not SEEM like what you had in mind when you went in, but then the stencil goes on you and you say, "wow, you're right.  That does look amazing. Do it!"  Adam is one of those artisans.  He looks you over, looks at your body, discusses your overall expectations and then skillfully creates something which is beyond your wildest dreams. Basically, I am Adam's tattoo bitch.  If he thinks it will work, I am on board because he is usually always right on the money.  I trust him implicitly and am so glad that all the research I did beforehand turned me on to him.  Call him. Drop by for a consult. Walk away with the understanding that you, and what you want to do, your goals, are unique and important, and special and achievable and he is the man to get you there.

Adam is truly a beautiful artist with such a warm heart and soft touch. He calmed me down completely, was totally honest about the way it would turn out, was super fast and funny, and so gentle! I really enjoyed my experience!

I had the privilege to make an appointment with Adam Parrot recently to slap on an improvised wasp (6 inches length).  When it comes to tattoos or any art for that matter, I prefer to give the artist the reigns.  I guided Adam to what I envisioned (evil bee/wasp) and asked to him to go from there.  I had no idea what to expect before coming into the shop that evening.  His artwork was spot to what I had in mind. He's got a medium hand (not too much or too little pressure) and he's just a great artist to talk to while you're getting some work done.  

Adam was awesome - the tattoo is the way I expected or even better. I loved the details and colors. Cant wait to go back again!

I can't say enough about how pleased I was with Adam's work. He was a really nice guy, sweet demeanor and he did a fantastic job on my tattoo, which was of a dream catcher which required a lot of detailed line work. The tattoo is healing perfectly after 3 days, and I even had someone say to me that they thought my tattoo was henna because the line work was so well done! I said, no, believe it or not this is real, just fantastically done! Adam really did a great job!! I highly recommend him!

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