Not sure which of our artists is the right fit for you?  Need some direction or inspiration for your next tattoo idea?  We have put together a sampling of our artist's custom tattoos by style to help you decide.  Whether you prefer a finger tattoo or a full sleeve,traditional or new school, color or black and grey, illustrative or realistic, monsters or mermaids, animals or flowers, we can help you make your ideas come to life.  No matter how vague or vivid your ideas are!   Custom ideas are always welcome, so call or stop by to talk to the artist of your choice!



Black and grey tattoos are known for smooth soft shading and fine line details along with a full range of black, skin, and many shades of grays. Classic subject matters range from portraits and realism to religious, geometric, horror, and more.  Our artists are all skilled in the art of black and grey tattooing.


Breaking the classic rules by using a full saturation of ink for maximum skin coverage, a wide range of colors, varied line weights and  tightly rendered drawings: these are a few of the characteristics of new school, illustrative, and neo-traditional tattooing.  Rabble rousers are rule breakers after all, and our artists are no exception.


From sleeves to back pieces, chests and ribs, large tattoos make the biggest statement and require time and commitment (from both the artist and the collector).  Get inspired by our gallery of large work by our artists ranging in all styles and subjects.  These tattoos define "go big or go home!"


We are just as proud of the little tattoos we've done as you are to wear them.  Small tattoos can be fillers or a simple stand alone statement.  They are just as perfect for a first tattoo as they are for a fifteenth or fiftieth tattoo.  We believe that every tattoo makes a bold statement, no matter what size.  


If Halloween is your favorite holiday, our collection of tattoos of skulls, demons, aliens, monsters, and other ghosts and ghouls may be right up your alley.  In color or black and grey, photo realistic or completely custom illustrated, we have an artist with a mind just as twisted as yours!


Delicious or adorable, its hard to pick a favorite. Whether you prefer cupcakes or kittens, we are sure you will be inspired by our collection of cute tattoos and food tattoos. From full color, realistic, to simple or cartoony, we never get tired of creating these fun tattoos. 


Color tattoos can be bold or soft, detailed or simple, realistic or cartoony. Every color style and subject matter is as different as each wearer. From our tattooing standpoint, color tattoos are bright, high contrast, and applied  so that your color stays vibrant for many years to come.


Have a favorite photo of a loved one, pet, landmark, flower, or object and you want to wear that photo forever?  Then a portrait or realistic tattoo is for you. Done in color or black and grey,these tattoos will make the guy behind you in line at the market swear that your tattoo look so real that its "popping right off the skin!"

LETTERING AND Simple tattoos

Whatever you want your say, no tattoo is too small or simple!  Take a look at some examples of lettering, fonts, phrases, script, logos, and linework and your favorites from Pinterest done by our resident artists.  And psssst....Did you know that most tattoos like these can be accommodated the same day or even as a walk in!


Got an old tattoo that you regret? Or a tattoo that doesn't suite you anymore or you never really loved in the first place? We get it and we want to help.  Our artists have done hundreds of cover ups and reworks and have some truly amazing before and after pictures to prove it.  So bring us your old tattoo and let us work our magic for you.


What's not to love about a beautiful woman? Ladies of all varieties have been a main subject of tattoos for generations and modern tattooing is no exception.  If you like, we can turn you into a pinup, or your wife into a mermaid, or create your alter-ego, or even your dream girl that will always be with you.

MOVIES, TV, GAMES,comics & music

Want to show your ultimate fandom for your favorite movie, band, game, or comic book?  You could bring your autograph book to a Comic-Con or never retire your favorite tour t-shirt from '87.  Or better yet, just get a tattoo and wear your faves every day.




American traditional tattoos are classic, simple, bold designs that are built to last throughout the years and are identifiable from across the room.   The style made famous by Sailor Jerry decades ago proves that "Bold will hold".  Below are some examples of traditional style tattoos by our artists.