Kaelyn L. 1/3/2019

I apologize for the long review but it is so worth it! 

Let me just say if i could give them 10 stars i would! I have gotten a tattoo before at a not so good shop in my home town, so getting a second on i really did my research. After looking around at the shops around my house in LA ( i like to keep my spending locally) i came across Rabble Rouser. 

Now to give you context of my situation, i messaged the shop on New Years Eve and was not expecting a response since it was a holiday but i was inquiring about the next day (New Years Day) just to see what could happen so i can get some fresh ink for the new year. After messaging the shop i got almost in immediate response saying that they will for sure look into in bc they normally are not open that day but wanted to check and see if anyone would be at the shop. Pleasantly surprised i was ecstatic by just the possibility of it happening. About and hour or so (after mid night) i got another message saying that there will be someone there and what time would i like, i chose a time and we where all set. I really appreciated the responsiveness of the inquiry and that it was such a great experience for the get go. 

We arrived at the shop, being the first ones there as we where early, and as we check the door Paul (the shop owner) comes up to great us and opens the shop. He was so kind, knew my name and offered us water or anything we needed. 

We told him to take his time as we were in no rush, and agter about 20 min already had my tattoo printed and sized (after a brief convo about placement) he got the size and style right off the bat and he re drew it, which was great. He prepped his station and showed me all the needles he was going to use which where all in sterilized medical packaging. As we start tattooing he constantly checked in with me to make sure i was ok and had great conversations. After we where all done he bandage me up (even let me pick my bandage color) and we went over care of the tattoo and he sent me home with a "after care" package. Also my tattoo is everything i wanted and more!

Overall this experience was AMAZING and the attention to detail went above expectations and was by far the best experience i have ever had. I will forever be coming to this shop for any future work and i HIGHLY recommend this shop and Paul was just the best!

Adriana R. 10/14/2018

I recently went to their shop to get an astronaut tattooed on my thigh. I was headed home with a friend until I decided to find a place to get my astronaut tatted. Google suggested me many places but this one stood out the most. As I proceeded and finally arrived to the shop. I was greeted by Paul. He showed me around and told me to look at every artist portfolio. I enjoyed his portfolio and Alayna the most (little did I know they were the owners) I scheduled an appointment with him and he listened to the ideas I had planned for. I wanted an astronaut holding an item but I wasn’t sure what position. Once my appointment came I was not disappointed with the drawing he had set for. I really enjoyed how patient, kind and welcoming he was. I was really happy with the outcome. He was the first male tattoo artist I’ve come to and I was honestly nervous but to my surprise it was an easy breeze and by far a great experience. I had a great conversation, his hand was light, and he delivered what I wanted and positioned it well. Although I need one more session with him to add color to my astronaut...I really love it ! I can’t wait until it heals to have him completely finish the piece! :)

Gina C. 9/10/2018

Paul is a talented and flexible artist, and he and Alayna were easy to work and communicate with. I highly recommend Rabble Rouser. 

Mark P.   6/25/2018

Always feel welcomed when I walk into the shop for a scheduled tattoo session. Paul is a geniune pleasent guy who listens to your needs when planning and then create your personal tattoo. Have returned for at least three sessions. Plan to continue to return for more work in the near future. 

Natasha B.   5/13/2018

Such a clean and amazing shop. Paul was such a great artist and I couldn't be more happy with my tattoo!! Deff would recommend rabble rouser to anyone in need of great work.

Rob W.   3/14/2018

Found Paul through a group of friends who offered nothing but high praise.  He was chill, communicative, answered all my questions, and we had a great time hanging out while he did my ink.  The lines were clean, the process simple, and I'm healing well and thinking about the next one on my list.  Will definitely be going back to see this team!

Elizabet R.   11/20/2017

I'm so incredibly happy to have found this shop!  Paul did a very small, detailed word on my neck, which came out beautifully.  Wonderful shop. Clean, inviting and modern. Wonderful people. Caring, attentive and kind. Parking is easy, but getting an appointment means booking way in advance so get on that!!

Brandi S.   10/25/2017   

I had another great experience here. The (other) owner Paul is so nice and they remember you .  I cannot wait to come back

Katie M.   9/18/2017   

I had gotten a tattoo of a compass from a different shop years ago, and I never loved it. It looked uneven and incomplete, but I loved what the tattoo stood for, so I didn't want to cover it up or change it dramatically. I just wanted to update and improve it. Enter Paul: my favorite artist at my favorite shop. I gave him a couple ideas, and he did the rest. Now the compass is beautiful and I'm proud to show it off!

Mark P.   8/22/2017

Clean, professional, friendly.  Always feel comfortable and relaxed, Paul knows his art! Will continue to return.

Joshua F.   8/7/2017 

Alayna is usually the artist that I see.. I had asked about an appointment sooner than my next scheduled. Alayna said that Paul could do it for me the next evening. I was elated and a bit nervous. I love Alayna's work, so to have another artist do something was a bit nerve racking.
 Paul was GREAT! He took the time to listen to what I wanted and worked with me to get the design just right. I had something very specific in mind. It turned out even better than I imagined it.  Paul was super light with his touch and we had good conversation through the whole session. 

 Thank you Alayna and Paul for being so accommodating! I LOVE my new piece!

Stephen C. 5/19/2017 

This is a nice shop and all but this review is specifically for Paul Deters, who I found to be a very ethical and skilled artist. An all around honest and good guy!!!
I got an out of state tattoo that had a geometric glitch in it and I needed to balance it out and Rabble Rouser is in my neighborhood so I headed down. I was greeted by Paul and he was nothing short of super-polite with a very chillaxed attitude. My fix was small so I was hesitant to pay the shop minimum of $100 for 5 minutes of tattoo work, but this guy had a good, solid vibe going so I put my faith in him. I wasn't at all wrong. He did a good job and let me know that if it still wasn't perfect, his work was guaranteed. After it healed, it was still a little off and he honored his deal 100% and fixed it again to perfection. No only did he right someone elses wrong but he did so in a very pleasant way with a great attitude.
Would highly recommend Paul from the experience I had and as well his wife, Alayna, from her similarly pleasant attitude and beautiful women's faces she manages to tattoo. Hard to make it pretty when it's the size of a dime...and she does.
God bless you guys and your beautiful family!

Katie M.  1/26/2017

Ever since getting tattooed by Paul Deters, I've gone back again and again. Not only that, but I send all my friends to him, regardless of their personality, tattoo experience, or the design they want. (The best thing about Rabble Rouser is that they adjust for YOU. If you're nervous, they'll keep you calm. If you're talkative, they'll chat with you. If you're not, they'll leave you to do your own thing.) So when I found out Paul left his old shop to open his own place, I was thrilled. 

As a tattoo shop, Rabble Rouser is chic, clean, comfortable, and not at all intimidating. I can only speak from experience about Paul, but he's the best. He's talented, sweet, funny, and calm. And best of all, he's honest. Paul always gives me his professional opinion in a constructive and helpful way, and all my tattoos are as good as they are because of his suggestions regarding size, placement, and shading. I'll never take my business anywhere else.


Got my second tattoo by Paul.  It was a great experience.  He is excellent and professional.  Love the shop.  Its comfortable, welcoming, clean.  Rabble Rouser is my go-to place.  I have a couple of friends looking to do their first tattoos.  I'm sending them here.

Love this shop! Everyone who works there is super friendly and they make you feel comfortable and welcome. I got a piece done by Paul, he is very patient and an amazing artist. I will definitely be going back for more work!

Can't say enough great things about the shop and Paul. First, the shop is clean, well lit and well laid out. The day I went, I was one of three getting inked and there was plenty of space even as all three of us were on tables. 

I haven't gotten a tattoo since 1999 (out of a book nonetheless) so it had been a while. It can be intimidating going into a new shop and feeling out of place. Paul was so easy to work with. He is professional and easy to talk to--never felt like the noob I am. Most importantly his work is great and I love my new ink!

I would absolutely recommend anyone check out Rabble Rouser, whether you're a veteran or a newbie. Everyone is friendly and knowledgable. Can't wait to go back for my next one!

To start...the shop itself has a very cool and laid back atmosphere. Clean and comfortable stations . The space is unlike any tattoo shop I have ever been in, it is like you are in a hair salon.  There is plenty of parking, so you dont have to worry about your car while getting your art.

 Alayna and Paul are very professional and friendly. They have thought through every aspect to keep your experience easy. The online booking, with email and text confirmations, after care packets with detailed instructions and ointments to care for your tattoo during the healing process. 

 Make an appointment with Alayna, Paul or any of their artist, you will be happy you did!

Rabble Rouser is my new tattoo spot!   I've gotten a tattoo from Alayna and Adam so far and intend to work with Paul next.  This is a talented group of young artists that you can't go wrong with.  As someone with a large amount of tattoos that's seen the inside of a lot of shops, I really appreciate the cleanliness and organization of the shop is well.  They have my top recommendations and soon enough they'll have another appointment on the books for me as well!

One of thee best shops I've ever been to hands down. Rable rouser is not one of those boring plain Jane style shops. It's very stylish and cool but is very clean and sanitary. The artist rock. Alayna will kill anything girly or any style pin up you want. Paul will crush any monster or horror theme tattoo and between the other artist and guest artist you'll be able to find someone to fulfill your tattoo needs. Shop is full custom and by appointment which can take some time depending who's tattooing you but it's totally worth any wait. You'll always leave happy. Everyone is super nice and will make you feel comfortable whether it's your 1st tattoo or 31st tattoo. Awesome place definitely check them out!

This is the best shop in LA. As someone who has many tattoos, (somewhere over 30% coverage?) I was lucky enough to have found Alayna and Paul to enhance my skin. They are awesome people and talented dedicated clean artists. Happy to have been inked in their beautiful new shop. If you are reading this you have found the right place. Great work by great people recognized and awarded in the industry including placing top three on oxygens best ink.

Great shop and atmosphere! And Paul was so nice and friendly. I would recommend this shop/Paul to any of my friends! Thanks for amazing tats :)

The best Tatto shop in the area. Paul and his wife are the nicest Tatto artists around, Paul is big hairy guy and looks scary, but really helpful and the nicest guy around. The shop is extremely clean and really cool vibe!!! I would highly recommend Rabble Rouser if you are looking for a good Tatto shop in the area. Alana, Paul's wife actually came in second or third place on a Tatto show!!! So for the money, you can't beat Rabble Rouser. Very clean, friendly staff, and cool vibe. What more can you ask for???

Came here for a simple and pretty bird tattoo and I wanted an artist really good with color. After checking portfolios this place had a solid team of color experts! So I called and the girl that talked to me was friendly but bummer no one was available to take me as a walk in.  But I got to set up an appointment with Paul for the next day (hey, its gonna be on me forever, so a little wait wont kill me!).  Anyway, Paul was fantastic!  He totally listened to my ideas and gave his honest professional opinion and redrew what I came in with to make it custom for me with a personal touch.  He was also really light handed (as far as tattoos go!) and my bird came out great! By far my favorite tattoo!!!  Also, He took his time setting up (I am a bit OCD so I really watched him set up and everything was new and clean, and organized). The time went really quick thanks to the cool retro music videos playing and all the gorgeous artwork on the walls to stare at.  I will definitely be coming back for my next tattoo and I think I even found a place nice and inviting enough to bring my mom for her first tattoo! :-) 
And PS. Not totally on topic, but the bathroom is really nice (not what I expected at a tattoo shop lol)

Paul is a gentleman like no other. Steady hand, fine lines and thick beard.

If I could give more stars I would, both Alayna and Paul are highly skilled artists dedicated and passionate about what they do. Already looking forward to my next appointment. Thanks you two! ♥