Carla J. 2/27/2019

Alayna is absolutely incredible. I have wanted a tattoo for years being 50 I finally broke down and did it. Came across Alayna's work and was immediately drawn to it. Met with her 4 months ago after emailing my ideas and discussed what I envisioned. She listened and we scheduled my appointment. 4 months later she presented me with exactly what I envisioned and couldn't see. I am in love with my art piece and now can't wait to get another. Alayna was incredible not only with her talent but in making it all comfortable and perfect. Thank you Alayna and Rabble Rouser Tattoo 

Jill D. 2/26/2019

By far one of the best LA tattoo shops. Clean, stylish and unpretentious. After spending many hours & days here, I couldn't recommend more highly. Alayna needs no review- she is absolutely incredible. My first pieces I explained from small ideas I had- she took them and created everything I was trying to convey and art beyond what I imagined. Over a year and 2 additional pieces later, I am so impressed by her, her work and the incredible space she and her husband have created.

Leigh M. 12/19/2018

After extensive research, I found Alanya's artistic style and customer caring to be the perfect match for me. The initial consultation went well… and we had some creative brainstorming that resulted in an amazing work of art….I didn't want black ink and she was able to come up with a design/color that matched my pale skin, made my brand area pop and included some of her amazing feminine and sweeping line work that drew me to her as an artist. I could not be happier. Her willingness to work with the brand and my unique personal preferences really makes her shine as an outstanding artist and person. She has a waiting list and I'd say just wait. The payment process and terms were clear and easy: Swipe, add the tip, and I was out the door.

L.N. 11/17/2018

It is so great to sit down with a dedicated artist (Alanya) who was able to work with my initial idea that needed to be expanded on. In a matter of 20 minutes we came up with the design for my tattoo and it was a mutually engaged creative process. Highly recommended.

Josh P. 11/1/2018

It is so great to sit down with a dedicated artist (Alayna) who was able to work with my initial idea that needed to be expanded on. In a matter of 20 minutes we came up with the design for my tattoo and it was a mutually engaged creative process. Highly recommended.

Geo D. 9/21/2018

My experience at Rabble Rouser Tattoo was exceptional! Alayna was my artist and I could not be happier or more thankful for her amazing work!! I had an amazing time, lots of laughs and blown away with the talent in this shop! Already saving for my next tattoo with Alayna! Thanks again for my favorite tattoo ever!! You're amazing!! 

Keiran A.   7/29/2018

Such an awesome tattoo parlour! Alayna is super talented and imaginative and must have worked tirelessly to design this overnight! Better than I could have ever imagined! Thanks!!! 

Dara S.   7/14/2018

I can't say enough good things about Rabble Rouser! Alayna and her team are talented, professional, and have the coolest shop around. My boyfriend made an appointment for us to get tattoos together. At our consultation, Alayna listened to everything we were thinking, and what she drew up was better than I could have expected. At our appointment a few weeks later, my boyfriend ended up proposing to me, and everyone at Rabble Rouser was in on it and helped him!! Her assistant, Jei, even videoed the proposal for us. You guys are the best!!!! I came back for two more sessions with Alayna to finish up my tattoo and she is just the best. Go here if you want a beautifully badass tattoo!!! 

Jeans C.   7/12/2018

Got some work done and was extremely pleased with what Alayna did. From beginning to end she was amazing. Very professional but still friendly attitude. Heard all my ideas and came up with an awesome design for my wife that we both loved very much. Place was clean and neat very laid back bistro type vibe. Overall would highly recommend!

Nathalie M.    6/12/2018

I love my tattoo! Thank you Alayna, definitely worth the wait.

Wendy N.   5/27/2018

Amazing work by an amazing tattoo artist! Thank you so much Alayna Magnan for exceeding my expectations by far! 

George A.   4/6/2018

Alayna is AWSOME! I started coming to Alayna/Rabble Rouser last year and to date I now have 12 tattoos. Everyone that works at Rabble Rouser is professional, a great artist, and so easy to work with. Its a very chill vibe, everyone makes you feel comfortable and really take the stress off of get a tattoo. Which for me was always a scary idea. I couldn't be more pleased with my tattoos and would HIGHLY recommend Alayna and Rabble Rouse Tattoo. You won't be sorry!!

Andrea C.   1/11/2018

I cannot express enough how happy I am with my tattoo that Alayna did. From the consultation to the last session it was a pleasure. She took my concept and it turned out better than I envisioned. She is dedicated and passionate about her work and it shows in all of her art.  

The shop is very clean with a cool vibe. Lots of parking in the neighborhood and location is easy to get too. The staff is friendly and welcoming to all that walk in. 

I highly recommend this shop for anyone looking to get a tattoo. Thanks so much Alayna. I'll be seeing you again...

Trex B.   12/21/2017

Easily the best parlor I have ever been to and no doubt the best artist - Alayna - to ever do a tattoo for me. Can't express in words how insanely proud of, and satisfied with, the ink art she created. Very creative and at the same time collaborative. I did a lot of research for the style of tattoo I was after and eventually found Alayna and Rabble Rouser. Well worth the wait - Alayna is very popular, and for good reasons. The parlor is also very welcoming - great look, design and attitude. Can't wait for my next artwork to be created.

Elizabet R.   11/20/2017

I'm so incredibly happy to have found this shop! Alayna is MAGICAL. She is insanely talented and dedicated to finding the perfect placement and detail for your tattoo. She was honest and cared about the longevity of my tattoo, unlike other artists that I've worked with who have tattooed me irresponsibly, knowing that the design would not age well. Not here. Not with her or with Paul. Both of them are deeply invested in the piece as art and want to see that you walk out with the BEST possible tattoo. 

Paul did a very small, detailed word on my neck, which came out beautifully, and Alayna has been working with me to cover up both of my ribcages with the most stunningly beautiful floral pieces that I have ever seen!! She's a damn BEAST!!! Her attention to detail, fine lines, and amazing shading is unlike anything else I've ever seen. Her work is truly incredible -- she does some of the most smoking hot, sexy pin up women EVER and hopefully one day, I'll have one of those lovely ladies on me. I really couldn't be happier and I can't wait to keep coming back for more. 

Wonderful shop. Clean, inviting and modern. Wonderful people. Caring, attentive and kind. Parking is easy, but getting an appointment means booking way in advance so get on that!!

Jeff C.   11/7/2017

Alayna was awesome! Fantastic artist and really cares about her craft. She made absolutely sure that I was happy with my design and answered all my questions without the attitude or judgement you get from other shops.

Brandi S.   10/25/2017   

I had another great experience here. I had Alayna tattoo me for their Halloween event. The entire experience was wonderful.  She is so talented, I love her art. She is so nice and professional.  The other owner Paul is so nice and they remember you .  I cannot wait to come back

Kate L.   10/15/2017

We happened upon Rabble Rouser while having dinner in the area and were immediately impressed by the interior of the shop itself. This is an incredibly well cared for space that feels both totally sterile and yet still warm and inviting. 

After looking through several books we landed on artist Alayna Magnan (not finding out until much later that she owns the shop and is somewhat of an ink celeb). Alayna's art is so crisp and clean, it was an immediate match. I needed to cover/upgrade an old tat on my hip, and add to one on my shoulder. Alayna took her time in listening to my needs, sketching things out, being sensitive to accuracy and my finickiness about the specifics. Because Alayna is so ridiculously dope at what she does - appointments are booked months out. We put down a deposit and scheduled for a few months out. (PS: "we" is me and my husband, he's scheduled for his in a couple of weeks)

When I arrived for my appointment Alayna took time and diligence to sit and make every single detail perfect. She made me feel very comfortable to adjust tiny details and make it exactly how I wanted it, (So many ink artists push you towards what they want...) while still giving her expert advice so the tattoo would look as good as possible. The task was to do two small-ish tats in one sitting. One on my hip and the other on my shoulder. Alayna was careful, precise, and yet executed with expediency. Both tats were done in under 2 hours. After we were finished Alayna walked me through aftercare very thoroughly and I felt confident I would be able to do what was asked (her aftercare is next level future shit)

More importantly than all of these logistic details that went so well, is that the ink itself looks so good it makes me laugh out loud. These are the two most beautiful, artistic, realistic pieces of art I could imagine for my body. I am over the moon with what she did and how it looks. 
I cannot wait to come up with another reason to get a tat from Alayna or from Rabble Rouser in general.  This shop is legit, the artists are on point, and the experience is top-notch.  The bar is set very high from now on. 
Cheers Alayna! Thanks Rabble Rouser.

Paul C.   10/8/2017

Always happy with the quality of work and the atmosphere. I’ve been to several other places/artists and none can compare thus far! Thanks Alayna!!!!

Elan C.   10/2/2017

Alayna was my tattoo artist. I was looking for a bada$$ female tattooer since I wanted the women's equality symbol. All of the reviews I read about her online assured me that she is one of the best out there and that although she may not be able to see me for a couple of months, it would be well worth the wait. I got exactly what I was looking for and she was incredibly down-to-earth and patient, especially as this is my first tattoo. I definitely recommend Alayna and Rabble Rouser tattoo if you're looking for exceptional artwork from cool tattoo artists.

Corinne S.    9/10/2017

Rabble Rouser Tattoo is an excellent shop staffed by professional artists. The place is cleaner than a hospital, and the staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely good at what they do. I have 2 (now 3) tattoos by Alayna, and I will continue to come to her for any tattoos that are, in reality, art pieces. Would highly recommend.

Elise B.    9/8/2017

I just got my 2nd piece with Alayna! She is an absolutely incredible artist and tattooer. She brings everything we bring her to life! Super awesome shop! We love the art everywhere and the fact that it's super clean! We will definitely be back for more!

Blane S.   8/30/2017

Alayna was tremendous and a true professional.
Her kindness and gentle nature made the experience for my gf first tattoo an amazing experience.
First class. 
Her attention to detail, and her initial drawings transposed to a true realistic picture once tattooed on.

Chris P.   8/30/2017

I love this tattoo shop!! The decor is so cool yet warm and inviting, lots of cool art and memorabilia on the walls to look at, it's not your typical tattoo shop and you can sense that as you walk in. The staff is awesome, friendly, down to earth, and welcoming. You can tell they are all friends or just get along and work together real well, it makes for awesome energy to be around. I had my tattoo done by Alayna, can't say enough about her, she's an amazing artist! Her attention to detail is exquisite  and her style is one of a kind. She took and idea I brought her months ago and just nailed it!! I'm so happy with the results, can't wait to go back for more :)

Chris B.   8/16/2017

Alayna is the best!
Very nice and easy to talk to about what I wanted.
I came to her with an  idea and trusted her to come up with the best final vision.
I am very happy with my tattoo and recommend her highly to anyone wanting a pin up style tattoo.

Victoria R.   6/24/2017

Alayna has done several of my tattoos in the past, and I loved them. This was my first time at Rabble Rouser, and she was as awesome as ever! The tattoo is super cool, and her shop is clean and professional. Definitely worth my trip from out of state! You have to get tattooed at Rabble Rouser!

Angel K.   6/21/2017

This tattoo shop is amazing. The whole process is super professional and clean. I was traveling there and was really impressed by everything. Very appreciate that Alayna made the appointment for me! Many thanks, her works are super amazing!!

Scott G.  5/25/2017

After meeting Alayna and Paul at Monsterpalooza last year, I knew immediately that Alayna's aesthetic was a 100% match for the half-sleeve I've been babbling about for the past decade or so. Given Alayna's quality work and her popularity, she was booking out six months in advance, but that worked for me perfectly. Our initial sit-down the next day was fun and chatty, as she scribbled down ideas and took tracing measurements. I exchanged ideas and pictures via email with her and her assistant Ava over the next month or so, and then just waited for the big day!

The shop itself is awesome -- all the funkiness and edge of an art gallery next door to 1313 Mockingbird Lane, but I feel still approachable and friendly for first-timers and walk-ins. Their attention to cleanliness and professionalism is obvious.

And, if you haven't seen examples of Alayna's work yet... be prepared to be floored. Her pinup style is cute, flirty and sexy. Her detail work is unbelievable, and her eye for color and placement is amazing. I've spent almost 20 hours with Alayna over the past three months, and I can tell you she is a thoughtful, dedicated, professional artist who can do magic with a tattoo gun... who also happens to be funny as hell, and great fun to chat with while she's doodling on your body with a needle.

I've travelled 500+ miles, three times in three months, to work with Alayna. If that doesn't tell you how awesome she is, I'm not sure what would. :) And trust me, I'll definitely be making that trip again in the future.

Ruby A. 5/10/2017

LOVE this shop, especially Alayna!!!!  Just got my second tattoo from her and am beyond thrilled. She took my ideas (which included random pictures and a description of the "feeling" I was looking for) and ran with it. Both times!!!  I'm super picky about almost everything and I completely trust her opinion. Even when I'm adamant about changing something, she respects my feelings and incorporates them to make something amazing. But I also trust her judgement on everything else. I recommend her to everyone and will only go back to this shop!  Everyone is super cool. No drama, no attitude, just good vibes. Totally worth my trek into LA - and I HATE going to LA!!

Meghan L.  4/19/2017

Been going to Alayna since 2010! Awesomeness ever artist to return to year after year!

Y.N.  4/11/2017

Alayna is the best. I love her pin-up style and have gotten multiple pieces from her.

Brandon B.  2/2/2017

My experience at Rabble Rouser was perfect. Every time I walked through the door I was greeted, even when all artists were working. First I met Alayna who kindly set me up with the first available opening with the artist she felt would be best for my piece.
Jim Parchen was the artist who did my ink, and I couldn't be happier. His portfolio speaks for itself, I would recommend him 100 percent. I took all of his recommendations as far as color and detail. Dude is experienced.
Got to reposition the piece as many times as I needed until I was completely satisfied, as it should be. No rush jobs here. Everything came out exactly how I wanted, and I will definitely be back for my next tattoo.

William S.  1/31/2017

Tired of the same old LA tattoo bullshit of artist too good to even respond to you or so gross you feel you can catch Hep C just by walking by.  If so you gotta contact Alayna Magnan at Rabble Rouser.  Her shop is so awesome and so welcoming you will not believe it.

Found Alayna and Rabble Rouser when looking for a parlor to propose to my fiance.  I had contacted and looked at  so many places in LA and it was hard to even get someone to respond to me.  Then by some miracle I found Alayna in an article about the top 10 female tattoo artists in LA and it was like fate stepped in. 

Alayna got back to me and everything with my proposal went perfect.  Her amazing shop was the perfect place for me and my girl to get matching sparrow tattoos and for me to sneak in my proposal. Her and her assistant Jei helped me all along the way and the day was absolutely perfect.

Tattooing is no longer a man's world...check it out!

Mike S.  1/2017

Alayna Magnan IS the definition of professionalism. Her vision, talent, and ability to execute ideas and concepts are nothing short of amazing. The shop is pristine, thoughtful, and overflowing with creativity. The good energy and laughs are infectious. Best tattoo experience to date. Would recommend this place to all.

Tamara B.  1/21/2017

Alayna Magnan was amazing! Her art is simply beautiful and captured my vision perfectly - even crafting the baby dragon I asked for after my actual bearded dragon! It was fun being tattooed by her. She chatted with me and tolerated my whining ;-) while I endured the art around my elbow! Looking forward to coming back for my first color session. Love it and feeling excited about having my own personal statement brought to life in a beautiful 3/4 sleeve. Thank you, Alayna!

Mary Jo. B.  1/2/2017  

I went back to Rabble Rouser for a second tattoo. I absolutely love my new piece. Alayna's ability is badass. She is professional, approachable and so sweet. A shout out to her intern, she was so kind and helped me keep my mind distracted during my three and a half hour sitting. I love going to the Rabble Rouser. Alayna is the best. I most definitely will be back.