Originally from the greater Detroit area, I’ve spent the last 20 years criss-crossing the country on an aimless quest for what ultimately amounts to a horribly cliche country song: Women, beer, tattoos, motorcycles and my one eyed dog, Cedric. Oakland, Philly, Savannah, Boston...  Broken hearts and bar tabs. Los Angeles has been home for the last 4 years. Still trying to decide if I hate it or not. Let’s make tattoos and talk about odd animal friends. Dogs with jobs, Goats in pajamas. Etc. "

Specialty: Birds, skulls, flowers. Anything that is fun or looks cool

Tattooing Since: 2006

Availability:  Tuesdays & Sundays 


To book an appointment with Rus, email him directly at   or go to our APPOINTMENT REQUEST page.

I got tattooed by Rus. He was great, professional and fun to be around. I hear compliments on the work he did every day.
— Jen F.
his talent and fantasticalness are highly matched. I’d go back 1,000 times over. Hands of an angel, highly recommend.
— Tiffany T.
Such a talented artist, he takes your ideas and brings them to life, had great conversations with him, and he’s honest about what will work and what won’t.
— Ozzie F.
Not only is Rus insanely talented (look at his profile, seriously) but he just got it. He saw my vision and just did it.... and he made me feel at ease and just overall comfortable. He did an amazing job on my tattoo and it has healed very well.
— Abigail C.
Great experience ... with Rus - he was very accommodating and helpful, and his work was incredibly neat and exactly what I wanted.
— Jasmine U.
Rus was the absolute best. There is no one else I’m going to trust with a tattoo. He was polite, sociable, fun, and knowledgeable. I don’t think any other experience I’ve had with a tattoo artist comes close to this one.
— Simone M.
Rus was my artist & I was so pleased he was on board with my ideas. I felt at ease with him instantly. He worked quickly, had a light hand & was very professional.
— Nico B.