Vanny C. 12/19/2018

After much disappointment in Silver Lake finding an available walk-in artist we found Rabble Rouser in Los Angeles and we are so thankful we did! 
Luis House was our artist and even though our tattoos looked simple, it takes mad skills to get straight fine lines done right. Not only that but he was very accommodating and kept checking in on me to make sure I was comfortable and not in too much pain. He did such a good job I totally could have taken a nap. 
I had a seed of life placed on the inner left ankle with some embellishment. Everything was explained clearly and they even donate $1 from every $100 to charity. You also get a goodie bag with after care instructions and a tootsie roll! My husband's favorite. Lol.
Lines may not be listed as his specialty but he can definitely add that on too.

Paul H. 12/12/2018

Rabble Rouser is a great shop, very clean and totally together. I just walked in, and I was immediately greeted and made to feel comfortable. Luis was my artist, and he's a total pro. I have a bunch of tattoos, and this was a simple design, but Luis did exactly what I wanted, and I'm 100% happy. We also bonded since we're both from Texas, and we had a great and funny conversation in the process. I would definitely go back, and I'll recommend Rabble Rouser to all my friends. 

Kira D. 11/25/2018

Beautiful shop, friendly crew of artists. Luis saved an older,  mediocre tattoo and made it magical.

Heather K. 11/12/2018

I had been researching tattoo parlors in my area because I really was itching for a new tattoo. I had designed my axolotl tattoo and wanted someone who was clean with their lines, and good with color. I found Rabble Rouser through Yelp, and liked the photos I saw. I also went on the Rabble Rouser website to go through all the artists portfolios and liked what I saw even more!

In mid October I was ready to get my tattoo done, so I had just walked in to see if there was any availability and I was lucky enough to have Luis House tattoo me that day. The studio was VERY clean, and I loved the decor inside. Luis was very easy to talk to, and very professional. I told him the basic colors I wanted, but I told him other than that he was free to do whatever with the background and shading. It turned out perfect! I love the water and little bubble details he had added to my design! The colors are so vivid, and the line art is perfect!

Jana S. 10/24/2018

Did a walk-in and had work done by Luis. Nice guy, and he did great work! Lost my dog and he was able to empathize and work up a nice, quick piece to remember my pet.  Will definitely go back!

Kelli G. 10/6/2018

I was in town visiting family and was looking for a new tattoo to celebrate some resent accomplishments. I was drawn to the shop via the website. Every artist shown seemed to have such amazing talent so I walked on in. I bumped into Mr. Luis House and he listened to what I was looking for and drew up a original work of art with everything I wanted and some cool tricked out things I didn't even know I wanted. It turned out absolutely amazing. I love my new tattoo and I'm sure I will be back for more. Thanks Luis! 

Jaime S.   6/24/2018

Luis did a fantastic job, love it! 

Timmy M.   6/4/2018

Ok, hats off to Louis and The whole team here! I have to say after visiting several shops and because I wasn't getting my ink done in Rome while on vacation and then walk around and Fly 11hours so I decided to wait until I got home and find a place. RRT had some good reviews and what I did was go around and check some places out and as with most places I went with my 1st. Impression and gut feeling, after all I am a great judge of character and no one else was going to make this decision for me! I walked into Rabble Rouser Tattoo and asked the general questions and then showed my image and I was asked to hold on one moment and let the receptionist (who was pleasant, smiling and super nice)to go get an artist for me. Not a minute later Luis came up introduced himself , handshake and took a look a the piece and was confident he could definitely do it and had me send it to him via email. The piece was ready to go and made into a larger format that I wanted and the placement was dead on first shot!! ( not an easy task but it' was spot on!Within 10 minutes he was set up in his station and ready to go, having had tattoos before he said still offered to go over everything and what to expect but I was ready and off we went! Now let me say this, the shoppe itself is very relaxing, cool, clean and modern but this place is not brand new, however, it is not worn and torn for being in business for the time it has been. They take care of their stuff and the place is impeccably well taken care of! Luis was personable and talked here and there while going at his craft with great skill and I was pretty amazed because tattoo etiquette usually is that the artist doesn't converse while working, which is understandable but this was different. The whole time he was asking how I was doing, took his time, I didn't feel like he was rushing through, the music was jumping and it was all in all a great experience. Once Luis got done, he went over the aftercare and cleaned it up and had me take a look in the mirror and I did everything not to jump up and act like a ape in heat it was frickin awesome! I did go crazy on my social media pages and the reactions from friends and family was the Same! Another great thing about these guys is for every $100 you spend you get these chips and at the front of the shop are 4 jars for 4 different charities and you put a chip in any of the jars and they make a donation to that charity, which is pretty kick ass, they're giving back and paying forward and making art! I can't wait to get back and get some other ink done with Luis pretty soon too. Oh did I forget to mention the "thank-you" bag they give ya with the aftercare info, ointment and a tootsie roll!? #knowmydirection #inkdoneandlove #RRTinkfreak

Kimberly S.   5/2/2018

Another amazing experience at Rabble Rouser! Luiz was unbelievable with line work and was one of the kindest, warmest guys I've ever come across! Just an amazing soul! I will never go to another tattoo studio...I've been inked by Arlene and Luiz, and I couldn't have asked for better artists, and better people, to have done these beautiful tattoos! This is the most inviting tattoo studio I've ever been to, with the most talented artists! Thank you Rabble Rouser for being incredible in every way! Everyone should experience getting ink here!

Troy P.   2/2/2018

Great place! Messaged the shop on Yelp and got a very quick reply letting me know due to the simplicity of what I wanted I could come in right away for a walk in. The place is great, clean and nice decor and Luís was awesome. 

Mandy Q.   11/28/2017

Luis did an awesome job helping me turn my niece's name into something cool and beautiful!!! Great line work and so happy with the final result!!!

Nicholas L.   11/20/2017

This was my first tattoo and I am so happy I went to Rabble Rouser. The staff is great, and my tattoo artist, Luis House, was very professional and did an amazing job! He took the time to explain everything to me, answer any questions, made me feel comfortable, and did great work! Thanks so much!

Jacquelyn Z.   11/5/2017

Got my first Tattoo here yesterday. The guys, Luis and Juan, were awesome. Professional, funny, and super nice. I have more tattoos planned. I’ll be back for sure!!!

Chelsea S.   8/5/2017

Luis was amazing! My dad went in for his first tattoo and the parlor was amazing. Everyone was very friendly and Luis made sure my dads first experience was perfect. The tattoo came out so crisp and clean. I am for sure going to be coming back her for my next piece.

Yan M.   7/11/2017

This is my first time as for geting a tattoo. Luis helped me got my tattoo. Pretty good experience! Will recommend to a friend.

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