Tricia D. 2/25/2019

This place is great! Everyone here is so nice and friendly. Arlene Salinas did my first 2 tattoos and it certainly will not be the last. I have gotten great compliments about my new tattoo and I could not be happier with them. Tattoos are permanent but you can always come back to get them covered up with something more beautiful. I'll probably do that sometime in the future but I love this place. I have so many more I want to get and I probably wont stop till there's no space left. Thank you Rabble Rouser! I'm hoping to get a tattoo done by each of the artists here.

Anna R. 2/20/2019

I got tattooed by Arlene and it was a great experience! She made it easy to book an appointment, translated my idea perfectly into how it would look best as a tattoo and where exactly on my lower back the placement should be, and checked in with me frequently throughout the process to make sure I was doing okay. The colors are vibrant and the shading makes it look three-dimensional on my skin. The tattoo is healing well and I couldn't be happier!

Luis S. 2/8/2019

Recently got work done by Arlene and absolutely love the work she did on my forearm. Was very clear about pricing and made me feel very comfortable about my choice of tattoo and placement. We split the piece into two sessions, reaching out to book an appointment was no hassle at all. Recommend this place to anyone who wants quality ink! Will definitely be back. 

Nicole Y. 11/25/2018

Tattooed by Arlene Salinas. Rabble Rouser has got to be the most professional shop I've seen. It's clean, comfortable and the team of artists seem genuinely interested in each other's work as well as the clients. I was in recently for my 6th piece by Arlene. As usual she paid close attention to what I was looking for, keeping in mind the continuity of my current work and my plans for future designs. She thought of things I hadn't and the result was a beautiful tattoo which exceeded my hopes for it. Arlene is super detailed (aka, picky) which I very much appreciate. Her tattoos age exceptionally well. Most new tattoos look great, what I love is that mine that are 6,7,8 years old look just as great. She's also evolved her aftercare protocol to make the healing almost foolproof. I'll continue to be a patron of Rabble Rouser and Arlene for years to come. 

Carlos E. 9/12/2018

It's been two weeks since I had my tattoo done so this is the first week I've been able to show it off and oh man, I get a least one complement a day. People on the street say "what a piece of art " Arlene Salinas is a true artist and made my first tattoo feel like I've done this before she made the experience very comfortable as far as getting a tattoo can go. The mom and pop atmosphere was so refreshing in these fading mom and pop shop days. They keep the place immaculate if I ever decide to get another tattoo I'm not going anywhere else but Rabble Rouser! 

CeeCee W.    6/13/2018

Arlene is to the point and will tell you what will work and what won't. Great shop with a great vibe :) Definitely a must for my next tattoo!

Kimberly S.   5/2/2018

Another amazing experience at Rabble Rouser! Luiz was unbelievable with line work and was one of the kindest, warmest guys I've ever come across! Just an amazing soul! I will never go to another tattoo studio...I've been inked by Arlene and Luiz, and I couldn't have asked for better artists, and better people, to have done these beautiful tattoos! This is the most inviting tattoo studio I've ever been to, with the most talented artists! Thank you Rabble Rouser for being incredible in every way! Everyone should experience getting ink here!

Kimberly S.   2/16/2018

Arlene did an unbelievable job on my black and gray tattoo! And on top of how skilled she is, she was super personable and easy to talk to, as well! By far the best tattoo experience I've had in the last 25 years of getting ink.

Cody N.   12/15/2017

Super clean laid back shop. Arlene was easy to converse with, helped me settle on the lettering and style. No pressure, no bad vibes at this place. They took me and my fiancé as walk-ins and made it a great experience overall. Thanks guys!!

Brandi S.   9/9/2017

Great shop. Beautiful and clean. Nicest staff.  Very professional. Not pretentious at all.  Super talented artists. I was lucky enough to have Arlene tattoo me. She's unreal. It was such a great experience.